Cleanroom Shoes

Midori Anzen is number 1 market share of safety shoes business in Japan, Manufacturing and sales of protective equipment such as safety shoes and helmets, office and industrial uniforms.

i-SIX (S) PTE. LTD. is Distributor of Midori Anzen and another brand products.

Safety Shoes

KPR products are designed to cover the entire spectrum of any potential needs that is known to KPR.
Categorized by its functions and properties, its project SAFE (Slip Resistance; Light Weight; Heat Resistant; Static Dissipative)
Brings to your choices of the correct products to suit your work place, providing a healthy and comfortable experience to you while using KPR safety products.
i-SIX (S) PTE. LTD. is Distributor of KPR and another brand products.