Steel Pallet

Use galvanize steel make light weight pallet.

Steel pallet competitive advantages is

・Light weight. Easy to carry and 50% less weigh than wood pallets.
・Size can be customized.

Free to choose the size of you pallets; No metal molds are needed.
No moisture, wood chips and splinters; Hygiene, clean and easy to handle.
Do not rust easily because made from steel plated boards and pallets look better.
No Corrosion, bacteria resistant.
Non-flammable and thus most suitable to be used in factories.
Environmental-friendly pallets because they can be scraped & recycled.

Green Pallet

A green logistic innovation for efficiency.

Green pallet competitive advantages is

・ISPM 15 Compliant - No Fumigation and Heat Treatment is needed
Truly Green and Environmentally Friendly

made of up 95% agricultural wastes
Recyclable and Biodegradable
Free from any Formaldehyde Additive
Relatively High Bending Strength
Moist Resistance
No re-treatment is needed for multi-country shipments